Belluxe India is the partner of the beauty, health and well-being industries. The Belluxe India import this product from Thailand. The company name who develops and manufactures products is Belluxe Paris. It’s develops and manufactures products of Natural Ingredients and skin care products from plants.

Belluxe India is a company whose current President Mr. Manish kumar Choudhary founded the company in 2019 comprising 3 directors. Being a company on a human scale, we are able to be flexible and responsive. Our company is internationally focused only for India.

Belluxe India is organised on site in Gurugram:

  • We are focused on Business Development team and we try to cover all over India with our business team.
  • Now we are available in 14 states of India.
  • A formulation R&D centre and a manufacturing site is available in Thailand, in India this take care by  Mr. Rishi Pal Waliya is the honorary president.

• Belluxe India sales a full range of standard
• or customised ingredients and finished products.
• We offer a full service with exclusive and à la carte solutions.
• From the seed to the final product, your projects are taken care of by our multi-disciplinary teams of targeted experts.

Belluxe India has a large number of potential customers all over India. We are proud to have helped a certain number of customers to succeed.

The Belluxe India sales products and services and, in addition, offers a set of values.
• Decades of expertise and know-how.
• Innovation and creativity in our products and industrial processes.
• A commitment to be eco-responsible, from selecting the plants through to production by Thailand Branch.
• Quality acknowledged by certificates; full traceability and a Made in Thailand guarantee.
• Consumer safety.

Your breakthrough treatment is an unorthodox alternative medicine. It has many advantages:
• Treatment is natural; therefore, it is relatively affordable.
• It is non-toxic with no ill side effects.
• No need to treat possible side effects.
• Patients are cured in a natural way! No more suffering or death!
• Because patients are cured, they no longer have to keep returning for treatment like they would if it were left to the medical / pharmaceutical approach who only treat the symptoms (most patients have to keep returning for the rest of their lives) and are only given temporary relief.
• Think of how the money saved from this affordable alternative cure could be put to good use. What about including this treatment for individuals with low income, those in developing countries, educational programs and publicity campaigns to spread the word?